Mobile World Conference ’08. From 11th to 14th February in BCN

The 3GSM World Conference is now the Mobile World conference, and has also changed its website.

It is the largest mobile professional event in the world, and has been held in Barcelona since 2006.
This year, looking forward to see if Apple announces the iPod 3G (which in theory should be shipping in Spain and exclusively from Telefónica Móviles during May), to see if we can get some insight on Google’s Android, also if legal and technical issues are cleared related to MVNO (mobile virtual network operators), the technologies beyond 3G and HSDPA, mobile payment systems (to see if once and for all we can get rid of the premium SMS) , and some of the advances that have been talked about for so long as embedded projectors, and liquid-based lenses with optical zoom, aside of news from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony / Ericsson, LG, HTC and all other brands, because lately, it seems that only iPhone exists!

The city will be taken by more than 55,000 attendees for almost a week, from 11 to 14 February.
It is impossible to find a hotel room within the city or a restaurant for a big party, and at night, many locals are closed to the public to hold private parties. Regarding the taxi service at night… better no comment. You will be unable to find any starting at 10pm. In fact, some people from Barcelona, takes the opportunity to earn a few extra euros to pay the rent or mortgage, being taxi drivers for 3 nights.

My attendance is not confirmed yet: in fact, last year I was invited to go and I had to travel to the United States, just the day before the conference… I hope that this year I can make it there.

BTW… get ready for the prices, which are also global. A table for the gala dinner at the awards ceremony the night of February 12th, at the magnificent MNAC is 5,703.50 EUR (VAT included and of course with room for 10 persons), and one seat is EUR 698.50. However, you can be close to the tycoons of mobile telephony (it is worth recalling that the richest in the world is now Carlos Slim, 68 y.o. Mexican and owner of the Mexican telephone network TelMex), and perhaps you have the opportunity to greet some famous or even Carlos Slim in person, who may be around.