The English version of this blog, will take a while

Due to the pandemic, and the free time I had while furloughed, I had time to update my abandoned websites, and decided to migrate all my blogs and websites to a self allocated version of WordPress, having to adapt to different templates, very rigid from my lack of experience in personalizing WordPress.

For the moment, I focused on redirect traffic/adding content to my 124 domains, and depending on which one, will be either a simple redirection or a WordPress website, but only in one language.
When I have finished with all the domains, will be back to a new pass of better quality finishing, and the last pass will be a multilanguage version of each site which requires so. This one, my personal blog, will be one of the first sites to have multiple language support.

My apologies for the delay. Not having funds to develop webs forces me to to do it on my own, and it takes time.

During the while, you can see the contents in a lot of different languages (example from Catalan to English) using this link: