Today no cinema news … I bought inline skates

Yes, it´s true.
Today I do not write anything about movies nor technology.
Today after leaving the office I went to buy inline skates.
Indeed, as I have trouble finding shoes of the right size (I use a size 13 USA more or less appropriate for my 6ft6in), it took a few days looking around, the internet shops did not accept to send them to Spain, or in one case that they did accept, the shipping costs were so expensive as the skates.
Today I went to a close shop, specializez in inline skates, and I found my size. Only after trying out the Rollerblades, I saw that they had to be mine and I bought them.
Being novice at this, I also equipped myself with a carrying bag and all kneepads, elbow pads and wrist protectors required. Tomorrow I will buy a helmet. Starting to skate at my age… is dangerous without the adequate protection 🙂
I will tell you how is the experience going in a few weeks and if I do not write…… maybe it´s because I had a broken bone!