CeBIT from March 4th to 9th in Germany + 10,000 + Movies in flash memory

The CeBIT starts tomorrow in Hannover, Germany. It is the most important venue in the world dedicated to computers and digital business – to get an idea about the motto of this event, one of the advertisements says: “Where ZEROS and ONES turn into billions”.


Today there has been the press event for 10.000 in Barcelona, but unfortunately, I couldn’t go. I’m directly responsible of organizing two professional seminars of Java and Web Design, and it’s been impossible for me to go. Unfortunately, none of our usual collaborators has been able to go neither, so we cannot inform about the details of this production.


An Irish start-up PortoMedia, gives support to movie distribution on flash memory. The idea is to set some terminals (as ATM’s) where the Flash memories will be plugged, so that way the person willing to buy or rent a movie, will connect his/her own Flash memory and from a hard disk containing 350 movies, will be able to choose one and take it home. It’s the middle way between traditional videoclubs and the online distribution that websites like are doing
Support for the adventure is complete, two old executives of the film industry and the technological support of IBM, Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba among others.
Flash memories will start at $60 including 3 movies, later the consumer will pay each time wants to see a new movie.

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