Spanish manual of the RED ONE digital camera

This is the link to the Spanish manual of the RED ONE (unofficial, by the way). The translation is from Pol Turrents and Gabi García.

“Menú”, “vídeo” y “Apéndice” should be written this way. I read the first pages, and there are typos, but the translation looks good. I don’t know Gabi, but I do know Pol, and he is an excellent technical guy, but after reading the translation, he could not make a life by translating manuals 😉
Now we only need to purchase one, or rent it in some of the companies which have one available.
Ovide B.S. has been in a tour around Spain introducing the camera in a few cities.
In other countries worldwide, I am sure there have been tours or will be one soon, promoted by film rental services.

This camera makes affordable to any feature film producer, advertisement or even short film maker, to get into digital cinema. The final price is under $20,000 US (with the different options, might be pricier), but remember it reaches 4K in resolution.

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  1. Agradecería mucho que me facilitaran el manual de la RED ONE. soy asistente de cámara y quisiera conocer más de la cámara.

    Por su atención gracia

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