The anounced death of HD-DVD

Everything indicates, through gossip and traces, that next week, Toshiba will anounce officially that gives up and stops fighting in the attempt to impose his HD-DVD format in the market of high definition disks.
The Blu-ray consortium led by Sony wins this “format war”: a sweet revenge of his defeat in the 80’s during the tape format war VHS vs. BetaMAX.

The readers of my blog have been continuosly informed about the evolution of this format war and my vision about this:

Now some questions:
What is going to happen with those having purchased an HD-DVD player or a laptop with HD-DVD?
And those who already have movies purchased in this format?
That, not to talk about production companies like DreamWorks/Universal which have made huge quantities of copies of “Transformers” and other movies in HD-DVD only, or those electronic retailers and distributors of Toshiba and other companies members of the consortium, which have stocked HD-DVD players … get ready to see bargains on HD-DVD discs and players starting tomorrow… it’s up to you to purchase them or not, but do not say you were not informed …

Next wars:
internet download formats. Contenders: Windows Media, Flash Video and DivX.
3D format. Contenders: likely 3Dbluray, some from Philips, another yet to appear.