Faulty figures on Spanish cinemas

The Spanish film theaters lost in 2007 only 5 million customers and not 20 million as said in January this year (getting 117 million of tickets at the box office).
It is said as an excuse, that the previous announce was based in temporary data, but, why they give them if they are so distant to the real data?
Fortunately, the common sense is finally showing to face this serious mistake, that is not the first. Fernando Lara, director of ICAA, announced that this kind of data will not be published anymore if they are not very approximate to the real data.
The final figures, also indicate the number of screens keeps almost stable with 4,285, only 14 screens less than in 2006 and which gives Spain the privilege to be the European country with best ratio of screens per inhabitant.
172 feature films, from which 37 are documentaries and 5 animated features, add up to 156 short films to complete the local production figures of 2007.
It’s important to outline the increase in a 4.5% of the box office, reaching a total of 640 million euros, that rise because of the rise in the price of tickets.
So many warnings of January, to conclude today that stability has been reached related to public going to film theaters in Spain.
Good movies, bring people to screens.