For those interested in the RED One

Learn from leading cinematographers and editors about alternative workflows that will give you the most potential from your footage. What are the gotchas? Key choices? What’s available to you now? What’s coming?

This webinar will allow you to benefit from lessons learned by early users who have developed best practices. Ask these professionals questions that relate to your own workflow challenges and issues during a rolling Q&A session.

“Seeing Red” – Early users Share Tips on Workflow for the RED Camera
The webinar will be held on Wednesday January 30th 2008 at 10am (USA PST), at 1pm (USA EST) and if I am not wrong, at 7pm CET (Central European Time) and 6pm in the UK, Portugal and Canary Islands 🙂

Andrew Young – Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning director/DP and VP, Special Projects, at DuArt’s film lab and digital post facility in New York
Mark Pederson – Principal and co-founder of Offhollywood Studios and Offhollywood Digital, the New York production, post and rental facility
Moderator – Beth Marchant, Editor-in-chief, Studio/monthly Magazine

· The things you can and can’t change easily in post
· How to expose when shooting raw
· Smart raw workflow
· How to manage your workflow in Final Cut Pro and Assimilate Scratch
· Which other post options are likely coming within the year
· Getting from REDCODE footage to film and HD deliverables
· The most stable archive options (off-the-shelf and service options for LTO3, DVD back-up and more)
· 4K vs. 2K: Which is right for your production?
· Does RED make sense in traditional workflows?

Price is $85 US.
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