I have had the opportunity to develop responsibility positions in my profesisonal career:

Media technologist with a business acumen

I consider myself a little bit of a "geek" business man, because I like to be informed about what happens in the research world, and always try to have first access to new technologies and look for new market opportunities.
I am very interested since 1990 in computer science applied to media and entertainment (CG, 3D, IT organization, IT optimization, automation, cloud technologies, big data, web, digital cinema, digital photography, VR, AR, computational photography, robotics), and have been able to live the transition of analog to digital in the TV world and more recently in the cinema. Now we are living the transition of the M&E industries to the world of IT, and the adoption of the whole industry of the M&E technologies.


I have an open mind, and I am always ready to learn.
I speak Catalan, Spanish and English at native level, and had almost that level in French, but fluency has been lost of not using it for 10 years. I have started courses on German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese, but Russian has been the only one that I have completed 2 full courses.
I finished my studies on Computer Science in the UAB (Bellaterra, Barcelona) in 1992, so I am officially a Bachelor Science in Computer Science, specialties: computer graphics, compilers, computer vision, artificial intelligence.
In 1993 I completed a masters degree in Computer Animation Techniques, at the CCFP, school of cinema of Barcelona, which became the ESCAC later on.
In 1993 had my frist training in Virtual Reality at the Science Museum with Silicon Graphics super workstation.
I started the MBA Part Time program at the ESADE business school of Barcelona in 1994, but never finished it.
In 1999 I was exposed to 3D, crafting my first tests with anaglyph computer generated imagery .
During my professional development at Sun Microsystems, I was certified in most of the products of Sun (Solaris, Directory Server, Messaging Server, Web Server, Portal Server, Application Server), ITIL Essentials, Project Management (PMP) and was a Green Belt of Six-Sigma.
I've been back to school 20 years later, and joined a MSc degree in Physics (Photonics), which I completed in 2015 after some delay in delivering my Thesis work about light polarization and the application to video broadcasts.
Also in 2015 I had a training in Plenoptics, in SCRUM, in AGILE methodology and in robotics (ARDUINO).


I incorporated my first company when I was twenty years old. I have co-founded 3 more companies, and still have one up and running. Topics have been:

I am active in developing new ideas and in looking for new opportunities and new markets.


I am working as a senior researcher at Mediapro Research since October 2008 until today, in topics like 3D, stereoscopy, immersive contents, web, computer vision, VR, AR, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
I am currently developing my skills on integral imagery, plenoptic technology and holography, while updating my skills on web development (jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, AMP, Ajax, WebGL, WebCL, WebVR, OpenXR...).


I've been teaching on a few topics:


I've been talking on public events about different topics:


All my domains are always on sale, like my cars, my computers and my cameras, however, the price must be the right one not for you, but for me.
I have had 270 internet domains in 2010. Currently, after either selling or dropping some of the domains not core for my projects anymore, I keep 135 domains (April 2017), waiting for launching the right project on them.
I try to purchase domains related to my insterests (technology, sports, cinema, television).

Sports man

I practised many sports: handball, basketball, football, volleyball, cycling, running, skating, skiing, scuba diving, but I just have got some level of proficiency on individual sports:
I play from time to time to Squash and to Paddle tennis.
I have played in 2nd Spanish category of Table Tennis (Club de 7a9 and CT Barcino).
I've been best ranked #7,200 of Spanish Tennis Federation (Group 8), and won some tournaments in the Barcelona area (even some small amounts of money). My best shot, the serve, was measured at 116MPH in 1992 at the Comte de Godó tournament (at the Rado corner) and was only 2nd, after Julián Alonso (125MPH), a young tennis player by then, who became professional tennis player later on and even held the world record of fastest service for a while in 1997 with 140MPH.
I play golf since 1992, and still do when I have vacation days. My best handicap has been 20.1 (in December 2016). My best score ever has been 43 stableford points however, in a different match, my best score ever was 93 strokes on a par 72.

Other hobbies

I love cinema: on average, I watch 60 movies per year at the cinemas (never at home). I see all the ones in 3D (being them either good or bad), most of the animated ones and also some in 2D. Follow my blog at cine3D.com to know more about them.
I am an active twitter user too: follow me at @jordialonso.
I would like, in the near future, to professionally work as a photographer, because I like travelling and make technical photographies like: 360º panoramas, time lapse, HDR, stereoscopic photography, autostereoscopic photography and holography.
I love computer graphics, and since 1994 I visit the SIGGRAPH conference every year.
I design websites, and have insight in DHTML, HTML5, CCS3, AMP, JavaScript, PHP, Ajax and SQL. I'm starting to work with X3D, WebCL and WebGL.
I like to travel, and have visited 22 countries (October 2014), and in the USA, where I use to go at least once a year, I've visited 22 states since my first trip in 1994 (it is not enough for me to be in an airport of a country/state/city to mark as visited; for me, the minimum action to mark a place as visited, means to have purchased something in any shop out of the airport, and have put your own feet on that ground).
I like hiking, and have pending to complete the Camí dels bonshomes, that unfortunately had to interrupt after 100Km of walk.
I like music, and played (years ago), the flute, the guitar and the piano. Need more free time to retake them.
I like reading, and I am an avid collector of Cinefex magazines, and "The art of" series of my favourite movies and purchase many books related to technologies. I still prefer to read on paper than on e-ink ;-)
I like to learn foreign languages: I speak natively Catalan and Spanish, I studied for many years French at school (but have lack of practice on it), and later on, went to the NorthAmerican Institute of Studies of Barcelona to learn English, where I got the Certificate of Proficiency in English by the University of Michigan degree in 1993.
Later on, I went to the official school of foreing languages of Barcelona to learn Russian, where I reached the 2nd level (out of 5).